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Your Future

During Science Week, we spoke with brilliant women who are working in the field of STEMM to highlight career options that women and girls may not consider. 


The BIAS team visited RCSI School of Pharmacy to meet two lecturers, Dr De Santi and Dr Annett, to discover more about the Pharmacy Programme and the new BSc programme in Advanced Therapeutic Technologies.

In Conversation with Dr Chiara De Santi, School of Pharmacy, RCSI 

Dr Chiara De Santi is a scientist and lecturer in the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, at the RCSI. In this video, she introduces us to the new RCSI BSc programme in Advanced Therapeutic Technologies.

Have you ever wondered how to become a researcher? Dr. De Santi brings us through the steps of her career in STEMM.

In Conversation with Dr Stephanie Annett, School of Pharmacy, RCSI

Dr Stephanie Annett is an academic pharmacist and lecturer at the School of Pharmacy in RCSI. She spoke about the Pharmacy Programme, and the career paths graduates can choose from.

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