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BIAS: Gender Inequality in Healthcare and Research is a Science Week event supported and developed by RCSI/Rotunda Research Department and the HRB Mother and Baby Clinical Trials Network. The event is funded Science Foundation Ireland. 

BIAS aims to challenge public perceptions about women’s health, and engage our audience on a variety of topics such as historical perspectives on women’s health, existing gender bias in medicine and research, and women’s medical issues including endometriosis, contraception and mental health.

This project aims to facilitate conversations around women's health and empower women by equipping them better to tackle biases in their healthcare when they arise by improving their understanding of the current issues that women face, the healthcare resources available to them, and how research participation is vital to future advances in women’s health.

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BIAS: The Live Panel

Tune into our live panel, hosted by Alison Curtis from TodayFM who was joined by:

  • Dr Laura Kelly, Historian and Lecturer, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow,

  • Jeanne Sutton, Board Member, Endometriosis Association of Ireland,

  • Dr Michael O’Reilly, Endocrinologist, Beaumont Hospital,

  • Dr Cliona Loughnane, Health Coordinator, National Women’s Council of Ireland,

  • Rachel Kenna, Chief Nursing Officer, Women’s Health Taskforce

How you can Participate

Our event aims to take you on a journey of learning more about the everyday biases which influence women's healthcare and their involvement in research.

Click through each step below to test your knowledge and learn something new about gender biases in healthcare and research.



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