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History of Women
in Medicine at 
RCSI and the Rotunda

History of Women in Medicine

Rotunda Hospital
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Bartholomew Mosse

Learn about our founder, Bartholomew Mosse and his dream of caring for the women of Dublin and their babies in the 18th Century.

Women of the Rotunda during 1916

We are honoured to introduce you to five brave women who supported the women and newborn babies of Dublin during a time of turmoil and uncertainty. Some of our women may be known to you but others less so. All have direct connections with the Rotunda Hospital through their training or medical practice.

You can learn more about these women from the Rotunda's 1916 centenary celebration.  

Anne O'Byrne - Head Librarian, Rotunda Hospital, Dublin

Anne’s role as Head Librarian and Library Manager is to strategically plan and deliver Library and Information Services to support the Hospital’s Mission Statement.

Anne is a member of the Library Association of Ireland (LAI), Health Science Libraries Group (HSLG), and is a former Irish Council Representative to the European Association of Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL).

As a professional Librarian, Anne is committed to the equal provision of information services to all categories of library users and to developing remote and outreach programs to facilitate end-user training and life-long learning. Anne see’s the role of librarians in partnership with lecturers, teachers and students in advancing learning and knowledge.  Anne’ s role as Archivist within the Rotunda enhances the history of the Rotunda Hospital as the first purpose built Maternity Hospital in the World.

Women on Walls

Women on Walls 

Women on Walls is a campaign that seeks to make women leaders visible through a series of commissioned portraits. RCSI in partnership with Accenture announced an Open Call to Artists to commission a series of new portraits for the Board Room located in the RCSI’s historic building on St. Stephen’s Green.

These portraits recognise the pioneering achievements of eight extraordinary women and enhance the visibility of historical female leaders in healthcare.

Women on Walls at RCSI was made possible with the support from Accenture, the RCSI Heritage Library Collections Team and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit. Learn more about Women on Walls here

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Julia Morrow, Research & Policy Officer in RCSI's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit

Julis is passionate about ensuring that we can all work and learn in an environment which is defined by dignity and respect, and that everyone is treated fairly regardless of ability, age, civil status, family status, gender, membership of the Traveller community, race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.


During 2018 and 2019, Julia was a key member of the team who delivered RCSI's landmark Women on Walls at RCSI campaign in partnership with Accenture and Business to Arts. Julia continues to support the campaign and the implementation of RCSI's EDI Strategy with a particular focus on research and data to inform policy and strategy implementation. Twitter: @RCSI_Equality @juliamorrow_ IG: @RCSI_EDI