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Hear from Experts on how we can Tackle Biases in Women's Health and Research

Improving Health Outcomes for Women -

The Women's Health Taskforce

A Women's Health Taskforce was established by the Department of Health to improve women’s health outcomes and experiences of healthcare in September 2019.

The Taskforce was established to improve women’s health outcomes and experiences of healthcare, building on recent progress in women’s health, and following a recommendation from the Scoping Inquiry into the Cervical Check Screening Programme that women’s health issues be given more consistent, expert and committed attention.

In its first year, the Taskforce has listened to, engaged with and worked with more than 1,000 individuals and organisations representing women across the country.

Based on the evidence and informed by women’s voices, the Taskforce chose 4 initial priorities within its action programme:

  • Improve gynaecological health

  • Improve supports for menopause

  • Improve physical activity

  • Improve mental health among women and girls


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Join us on November 12th at 11am for a live discussion followed by a Q&A session with a live panel of experts with a special interest in women's health and research. 

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